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A woman of prayer ~ with a prophetic message.
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Winter sabbatical

January certainly has brought with it all the makings for the record books. 
Storm Jonas was not to be out done by the great footprint of Goliath, that pounded its way across the Midwest closing out 2015.  Didn’t Noah show up last year also?

Winter arrived at my home bringing a wonderful invitation to unplug.

I know that’s not a popular thing these days.  But for me it has been a treasure, a priceless gift of grace for fasting ~ food, phone, texting, lunch gatherings, and yes, even my weekly prayer group.

January has been a sacred place carving its way first of all into my heart and now finding its way upon journal pages, many of which bear sacred stains of tears of honesty, vulnerability, and extreme transparency. 
The Light has this incredible power to find the cracks and hiding places we often keep protected.  January brings the reminder so close to home again of the power of mornings that I call resurrection.

Jesus is the Master of  “Good Morning”, our divine wake-up call. 
He is always on time. And though it might be painful to look at things, which have seemed to be pushed under the rug for years, know this: He is all about getting us to spring.

 A refreshing surprisethis sacred place, this sacred journey.
2016 brings a tremendous word from The Lord:  BELIEVE.

January is almost over but February is a perfect time to call a Winter Sabbatical.
What would our Best year yet be like if we would choose to embrace winter?

May our heart cry be, “I’m All IN LORD!

Winter Blessings!   Sandy Redfearn


  1. The picture really gives an inviting image of what it would feel like to unplug for a winter sabbatical. Did a little unplugging myself this January by fasting from secular TV. Like fasting from food, the body did not like at first not being able to flip channels, but I have to say it was one of the best times for me and certainly something I will do again. Just having the Christian TV and music playing in our home all day and evening seemed to calm everyone down and there was such peace in our home. Peace. Thank God for His Peace!!! Nothing like it for me. I used to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder)starting right after Christmas through about Valentine's day due to the winter months. Now that I too have discovered how wonderful having a "winter sabbatical" can be, I am quite sure I will no longer suffer from SAD and will look forward to January and February with enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing this with us, Sandy!!!

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your journey of sabbatical. Honestly...I did ask The Lord if I could possible spread this out till Spring! Who would imagine anyone asking for a longer January? me.

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