Sandy Redfearn

A fervent heart ~ for God's presence. A teacher ~ with an ear for God’s voice.
A woman of prayer ~ with a prophetic message.
A Coach ~ with a passionate heart to awaken purpose.


The Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “Speak to Aaron and his sons, saying, Thus you shall bless the people of Israel: you shall say to them, 
“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you
and be gracious to you;  the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.”
So shall they put my name upon the people of Israel, and I will bless them  Num. 6:23-26 

A timely reminder of God’s promise of blessing as we prepare to enter a whole new year of promises. 

Are you expecting?

At the end of a long journey of wilderness wandering and with the promise land before them, God did something incredible for his people.  He marked them with his name and declared a blessing over them. 
As I meditated upon this blessing I heard so many of Gods promises of commitment. 
I decided to write an expanded version of this passage using His words of faithfulness and covenant relationship found through out scripture:

I Yahweh put my blessing upon you.
I will keep you as a good shepherd who watches over his flock.
I will build up a hedge of protection round about…a shelter from storms,
a hiding place from fears, a secret place reserved for thirsty souls.
Under the shadow of my wings you will find refuge in the Most High.
I Yahweh will protect your going out and your coming in from now until forever.
I will keep you and nothing shall separate you from my love.
Not even angels, or demons, not your fears for today, or your worries about tomorrow.
Not even the powers of hell will be able to remove this hedge I have placed around you.
No power in the sky above or in the earth below—nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate you.  For I bind My heart to yours and nothing shall ever be able to separate us.
As you awaken the dawning of each new day, goodness & mercy can be seen in yesterday and anticipated for today.
Peace will be the guardian of your hearts, the place of immunity from your enemies.
I will be your dwelling place, your sanctuary of peace, and a respite for the weary.
Favor will be key for those hard to open doors.  As the coat of Joseph given by a loving father distinguished him as his favorite, I have chosen you among sons.

I am Yahweh your salvation, your saving grace, your place of belonging.

The mark of a Savior shall forever be written upon your days.

Grace & Peace, & Favor.