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A woman of prayer ~ with a prophetic message.
A Coach ~ with a passionate heart to awaken purpose.

Don't Stop Believing!

Are you up for a road trip?  Have you ever traveled the back lonely roads ending up in a place called dead-end, no through traffic or better yet  private drive (reserved for others)?
Why is it that the most unplanned unprepared trips turn out to be the most enjoyable and profitable?

New Years brought with it one of those unexpected road trips.  I do love adventures friends!  One showed up New Years eve, and before I knew it we were setting our alarms for six a clock the next morning.  There is nothing like awakening the dawn of a new day with a new year.  Priceless!

Dreaming of new territory we set out, two young at heart women who adore God's voice and treasure the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We had no plans but open hearts and fastened seat belts.  

Then at the last minute we decided to escape the beaten path of interstate boredom and venture down a country road where we ran smack-dab into the biggest most amazing road sign heaven could have sent.  Just for us.  Out of nowhere, an eagle swooped down over the top of our SUV and led the way in front of us.
It wasn't a buzzard, a crow, or a was an eagle.  Majestic and beautiful with a wing span that shouted move out of my way!   It was one of those hole in one moments, when your glad you have someone with you to confirm it happened.

Deep within my spirit I heard the whisper of the Lord,  DON'T STOP BELIEVING Sandy!

His eyes were filled with wonder and excitement as if to say; "The Best is Yet To Come!"

So often the roads that we think will take us to our desired destinations lead to disappointment and
heartache.  The thought of extending our hearts to begin again is risky.  If were not careful we will  abandon the adventure of a new day and relinquish the promises of possibilities God has for us.

Matthew 21:22  reminds us that if we will believe we will receive what we have desired in prayer.
"Whatever you ask in prayer believe and you will receive".

The key to opening up the horizons of endless possibilities begin with believing God's word.  "At the end of a thing is the beginning of a new thing."

Mark 9 is the account of a father searching for a new path, a new day in his son's life.
Jesus told this father "If you believe all things are possible".   With tears flowing, the child's father at once cried out, "I do believe!  Help my unbelief!"  One version said it this way; "Help me overcome my unbelief!"  

Father God,
We do believe!  Let this be the year we overcome the unbelief keeping us from receiving the fullness of the plans You have for our life.   You go before us and make the crooked places straight, so let us by  faith buckle our seat beats for the ride of our life!  Amen




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