Sandy Redfearn

A fervent heart ~ for God's presence. A teacher ~ with an ear for God’s voice.
A woman of prayer ~ with a prophetic message.
A Coach ~ with a passionate heart to awaken purpose.

Why Are We So Hungry?

The Rolling Stones released a song in 1965, called "I Can't Get No
Satisfaction," that virtually put them on the top of the music charts in
America and England:

"I can't get no satisfaction, and I tried and I tried."

That song echoes the cry of a world hunger crisis, not unique to the poor,
uneducated, cultures, races or generations. World hunger exist in
every city, every neighborhood, and every nation.

The word "satisfy" is defined as: "the fulfillment or gratification of a
desire, need or appetite." Around every corner there is a lure to consume
things--food, pleasure, work, relationships, and accomplishments--a desire
to be satisfied. Yet hunger remains. And, like the song U2 sang, "I
still haven't found what I'm looking for."