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It's Your Life Spend It Well!

 Have you ever purchased something that was not your first choice, but because it was the least expensive you settled for it?  
Remember the ugly chair you tried to convince yourself you would be okay with or the couch you drug home thinking you could get use to it, only to find that it didn’t work that way? 

Secretly you hated the thing but could not bring yourself to admit it.   After all, the price was right, and it is just a chair you sit in, and look at all the money you saved!  
Interestingly enough, in a few months, you are going shopping again because you didn’t get what you really wanted the first time. The price tag ends up being much greater than had you purchased your heart’s desire.

We all live with choices we’ve made when settling for something much less, whether it is a chair, a career, a ministry, a relationship, or something as simple as the choice of where to get your hair fixed. Although the consequences for some choices are certainly greater, we will never be “okay” with some things.  It is interesting how we justify away our heart’s desire maybe as being too costly or frivolous. 
The truth is we can never be “okay” with something less as long as there is more in our heart.

This reminds me of a woman by the name of Rachel.  
She was a woman who, for a long time, tried to convince herself she should be okay with things as they were, only to find time and again the real desire of her heart would never be satisfied by anything less than her own birth.  
Rachel could not concede the lesser for her life.  She determined she could not be happy without giving birth to what was in her own heart.

Webster defines “settle” as: to sink to the bottom; that which sits on the bottom; deposits of sediment or scum.   

Every time you chose to settle for less, you have chosen to stay on the bottom of life, to sink to a level, which keeps you from going higher and accomplishing so much more with your life.   
Dreams were placed in your heart for you to give birth too.  
Amazingly enough, when Rachel arrived at this revelation, she no longer looked at the price tag.  There is a greater price beloved, called pay now or pay later. Life is but a vapor.  It’s here today and gone tomorrow.  We have one shot at this season called life.
The Price for your dream might be great.  It might seem frivolous to others.  But until you come to realize you can't live without it, the price tag will always be an issue.
It’s Your Life – Spend It Well!

Rachel’s story can be found in the book of Genesis, chapters 29-30.

Sandy Redfearn

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