What an amazing, wonderful weekend as we hosted Waterbrook Seekers Intl.  Encounter Weekend.
With fourteen other women we headed to the Missouri Ozarks.   
The setting was nothing less than spectacular! Priceless, would have to be the way many of us continue to sum up our weekend together. The undeniable presence of God’s Glory filled our midst.  His peace could only be described as a blanket of snow covering the top of a mountain in winter.

Who could write about this weekend and leave out the silence and the stillness which commanded the atmosphere. Yet all would agree this silence was a much welcomed friend we had not realized how sorely we missed.  So much of our experiences will be hidden away in our hearts as precious treasure.

Such a setting was not met without great challenges and surprises. Getting fourteen women to pack light is nothing less than miraculous in the natural.   I found that spiritually such a request (to bring one thing up to the top of the mountain) was a great challenge for most.  

Psalms 27:4 reads; “One Thing I desire of the Lord, that will I seek, that I might be in His Presence.” It did not take long to discover that many over packed for this trip. We found even though we had prepared, we were unprepared for such a challenge. 
We seek many things and often He is not the One Thing.  Much to our surprise we continually found ourselves laying aside “our” lists, our fears, our flesh (oh did I say that?), our way. I discovered for many that our need to look ONLY to Jesus’ hand was an incredible challenge.  
And yet for others our need to be the hand uncovers yet another facet of our complicated hearts. I would love to say we all conquered our mountain, well, not this trip anyway. Jesus said that, “unless you loose your life you will never find it.”   I realize this is an on going process for all.  We can be sure of this One Thing, no matter where He beckons us to come away in the future we will go around this mountain again!

I’ve since come to realize this weekend encounter was nothing short of a massive experiment. Our journey took us into uncharted, unfamiliar, uncommon, and amazingly uncomfortable territory. Trusting our guide to have our best interest at heart was often a challenge.  Mutiny, I’m sure was a consideration at times.  But treasure is not found in the common or in our comfort for the most part.

As I grabbed my blanket, my bible, and of course that morning cup, I ventured outside to a quiet place, or so I thought. The stillness of the morning was shattered by the sound from the gun of a not so distant hunter.  I had forgotten it was deer season.   I must tell you I found my heart cheering on the deer (sorry Eric).  My thoughts went to Psalms 42:1, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God.” 
By the time the second shot rang out I was really rooting for this deer. Only the hunter and the Lord knew who succeeded that day. Verse two says; “My soul thirsts for God, for the living God, when shall I come and appear before God”? 
“Deep calls unto deep at the noise of Your waterfalls”.  

Remember the Samaritan woman’s encounter at the well that day?  Her defining moment came when she choose to keep drawing from the well of Christ heart.  Had she stopped He would have quit pouring.  We say “when” beloved! Her desperation, her thirst was the deciding factor in her life that day.

Our weekend on that mountain has come to an end, but for many we are still sitting at the well of His presence saying “Lord fill my cup, nobody fills my cup like Jesus”.
So many testimonies of this encounter weekend are coming in to me.  I felt they needed to be shared with all.   If you would like to share something from your trip you can email me at waterbrookseekers@yahoo.com .  What were your challenges, surprises about yourself, or discoveries God uncovered and the continuation of those discoveries after arriving back home?